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Portable Electric Shaver

Portable Electric Shaver

Portable Electric Shaver

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💥 Small and Portable You can easily put this mini shaver in your car, backpack or anywhere you want, even in your pants pocket. Carry it with you for long business trips, business meetings, etc.. You can trim your beard and reshape the charm of a man at any time.

💥Safe Design Mini electric shaver, stainless steel blade mesh design, clear and warm skin, efficient blade with automatic grinding process, and durable. Integrated cutter head and blade net, more safe. Enjoy the pleasant feeling brought by shaving.

💥Ergonomic Design The design of the double rings blade mesh, more closely fit the facial contour, reduce the blind spot of beard. Magnetic adsorption type 9 blade cutter head, handheld stability.

💥Fit Facial Contour and Low Noise Mini shaver adopts the design of double circle blade network, more close to the facial contour, reduce the shaving blind spot, shaving more smoothly. Low noise design, can bring you a quiet and painless smoothest shaving experience.

💥Easy to Use Men's mini shaver, the blade, blade mesh, beard friction vibration, will make a crisp sound, you can use the sound to determine whether the beard shaved, convenient and quick, let you enjoy shaving. The mini electric shaver can be charged with a wall charger, power bank, or even your laptop via USB cable. Don't worry about going anywhere, suitable for long business trips and travel.