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Automatic Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Automatic Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Automatic Self Stirring Coffee Mug

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The Electric Mixing Cup uses smart black technology, just remove the magnetic beads from the lid and place them on the bottom of the cup. Press again to stop stirring.

Quickly mix drinks without shaking or stirring. You'll no longer have to worry about reaching the bottom of your hot chocolate or soup and finding thick residual slime.

Using advanced self-stirring technology, press the automatic stirring button on the cup, the propeller at the bottom will rotate, mixing the solute and solvent particles into a lovely foam. If you press the button again, it will stop stirring. The operation is very simple.

Save your time and free your hands. If the stirring function is not required, our stainless steel coffee mug can be used as a regular water mug. When stirring, there is no residue at the bottom of the cup.

The automatic blender jar is designed with a fixed rotor. When adding boiling water or spinning, the rotor will not be off-center, avoiding the risk of accidental ingestion.